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More info coming soon! is a simple Python program that is intended to be ran on a Discord bot account. It detects Discord Nitro gift links sent in channels it can see and opens the link in your default browser for redeeming.

I created this shortly after Discord added Nitro gifting.

This does not use any exploits and was made to adhere to the Discord developer guidelines. While possible, this is not to be used on a user account as selfbots are not allowed on Discord. is my take on the URL shortening service. It features an API, all features for free, link info pages + analytics, dashboard with overview, a help center, and more.

Development is currently halted as I work on more important projects.


Cyan.TF first started out as KWC, Kill With Cuteness, back in mid 2014 and was intended to be a small orange crits server that was hosted on an Ubuntu VPS. The server didn't initially gain many players and was then rebranded as Cute.TF. Even then, the playerbase was very small. It was then decided to try something different: running stock maps, no plugins, and getting the server on TF2's quickplay. That failed horribly as it was empty nearly 24/7. It was promptly changed back and started slowly gaining players. When Halloween came around, event maps were added to the rotation which gained an influx of players. So much that a VPS upgrade was desperately needed.

Soon the entire brand was revamped as Cyan.TF when a new, proper server host came along. Now the server is running stronger than ever with over 30,000 unique visitors.

This project encompasses the website (frontend and backend), game server, and management of other associated mediums.