Java a character by depthbomb

Domestic Goat
Early 20s
Close to 6ft
Body Type
Normal to feminine
Fav. Color
Quiet and reserve in public, effiminate in private. A bit nerdy overall.
Image Samples
First concept by Rainbow Caliber Avatar by Katsuke By hopefullopunny Pride Month Commission by 'Hunter'
Color Palette

The bangs in the second image above are incorrect as they do not cover an eye because I did not correct the artist when they sent the sketch. Please use details below for hair details.

A darker brown as portrayed. Generally shorter but with longer bangs that can cover either eye. Left side (theirs) preferred, but feel free to change it if it would work best for a pose.

The exact details of the hair (besides written above) isn't exactly set in stone yet. I would like to see how other artists handle the hair to see what style I really like.


Outer color transitions from light gray to normal brown.

Inner color is light pink.


Just your usual eyes. Pupils may be simply black or green.

Minor discoloration under eyes, like when you are reeeeally tired.




Generally the brown color as seen in the images. A more subtle fade to a light grey towards the end of limbs.

Belly is also the lighter grey color.

Top of tail is the usual brown while the underside is the light grey.

The face fur pattern hasn't been entirely decided yet. For now, use the pattern portrayed in the above images or experiment with a pattern you think looks nice.

Nose and inner ears are to be light pink.

Light grey heart shape in fur on left buttock.


Horns and hooves (feet) may be the same dark grey color. Legs are to be digitigrade.

Horns are not to be too long, maybe 6in. average and curve back a bit like normal goat horns (not curly like ram horns)


The only required accessories are two wristbands on the left wrist: one orange and the other rainbow. Otherwise, the attire can be anything!

NSFW Details (click to toggle)

7-8in., humanoid, uncut

Color based on fur color, head is pink-ish

Foreskin covers most of head when erect

Character Usage


  • Use this character in any art, so long as it falls under these terms and with notifying me
    • Simply shoot me a message and I will most likely not mind! I can't turn down an opportunity to see more art of my characters!
  • Experiment with details if you feel it would be better done a different way
    • As I'm new to creating characters, I am very much open to experimentation
  • Use this character in different art styles
    • Chibi, for example
  • Use this character in NSFW art
  • Use this character in NSFW art with any other gender in any position
    • Canonically gay, but I'm not picky!


  • Use this character in situations involving illegal drugs
  • Portray this character as overly-muscular unless in comedic context
  • Portray this character with facial hair unless in comedic context
  • Portray this character in very violent situations
  • Portray this character with very graphic injuries
  • Use this character in the following NSFW situations:
    • involving underaged characters
    • involving non-consenting individuals or in situations where it is implied
    • involving ferals
    • involving extreme fetishes or things that people might consider as gross
    • involving extreme body types (very obese, macro/micro, hyper, overly-muscular, etc)
    • involving humans

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