• Replaced redirect on index page with a listing of all posts.


  • Clicking post images now displays them as a gallery
  • Replaced existing icons with Material Design Icons
  • Added icons to header social links


  • Complete redesign!
    • The 8-bit aesthetic has been replaced with a simpler and non-restrictive design
    • Posts by year are now collapsable
    • Removed post TTS system
    • Removed estimated read time for posts


  • Header avatar animation now triggers by hovering over anything in the title and the animation now fully plays even if you hover off of it
  • Added some holiday theming


  • Removed SFX
  • Added third-party credits page
  • Added TTS reading of posts
  • Added button to go back to top in the site footer


  • Added this changelog page!
  • Added ad units
    • I've decided that ads aren't a good way for others to support me in what I do, so I will be looking at other ways users can support me without annoyances.
  • Further minified CSS via restructuring
  • Added alias redirects for the preferences page
  • Added preference to use sans-serif fonts for non-display fonts


  • Improved social button active state