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Works of a sleepy goat

This page documents changes made to the website in a neat fashion. This log will not have too detailed info and will not take into account commits made to the project's repository.

This log will only document large changes that are noticeable such as design changes, adding/modifying/removing of larger features, etc.


  • Added URL slugs to journal entries
  • Updated weather display
    • Improved layout
    • To eliminate redundancy, only the temperature will be shown if it and the apparent temperature are equal


  • Added a fancy weather display to the home page


  • Remove Pride 2019 tool
    • Thanks for trying out something experimental!
  • Removed auto-ads because they broke some layouts
    • I unintentionally added these since Adsense recommended you add the code first before creating new ad units



  • Add lightbox support to popouts and improved overall design
  • Fixed project info sometimes failing to be retrieved when clicking an element inside of the preview on the project index page


  • Updated the description of this page (before the log entries)
  • Changed journal entry tags to badge elements
  • Updated default journal entry headers to look a bit more consistent with the rest of the site
  • Adjust the position of project state badges when viewing a project through its popout


  • Updated RSS feeds
    • Removed projects RSS feed
    • Updated journal RSS feed to be more standardized


  • Remove 0.5s delay after a popout has become visible before changing its content
    • I thought this would be a nice UX feature to show that the content was actually loading, but really all it was was an unnecessary delay


  • Improved projects page
    • There are now two projects per row
    • Clicking a project will bring up an inline reader for the project
      • You can view its permanent, linkable page by clicking the Permalink button in the inline reader dialog


  • Added a nice little colored border above the site footer
  • Fixed the Popular Page stat on the home page displaying the incorrect page