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Works of a sleepy goat

I'm a hobbyist programmer, primarily focusing on web development and web design but occasionally dabbling in other mediums. Caprinae are my favorite family of animals and I like to drink tap water.

I was born and raised in a small town of roughly 5,000. I got my first taste of programming when I had the opportunity to work on my highschool's website where I was very underqualified and permanently ruined parts of the site along with the horrible design choices I decided to implement. But, I hope I have improved a bit since then!

I'm a huge Warcraft nerd so World of Warcraft is my favorite game (Area 52 represent). I founded the Cyan.TF Gaming Community in 2014 as an independent Team Fortress 2 server. It is still operating to this day. When I'm not overlooking operations in my TF2 community, I can be found chilling out on Steam or Discord or playing other non-World of Warcraft games.

I'm a proud furry who likes to appreciate the community and the wonderful art made by talented artists. I currently have one fursona who is, unsurprisingly, a goat. Hit me up if you want the character info page.